A while back, I mentioned the fires we would make on the ice when we were skating. In our youth, there was always a fire going to keep warm by during breaks and also to provide lighting for evening ventures. The fuel for our fires consisted of old car tires. Sometimes we would use gasoline and/or kerosene to ensure ignition.

 This particular night we had the tires stacked high and doused with gasoline. I can still see him going up to our pile, sticking his head above the tires, and striking the match. There was an explosion and this kid almost did a complete somersault in the air. We couldn’t believe what had happened and wondered why he was so careless. We took him home so his mother could hurry him to the hospital. We returned to our skating rink where a nice bonfire was going. The next day he showed up at school with his head wrapped like an Egyptian mummy.

The moral of this story: Even with experience, we can make serious miscalculations. Absalom is a case in point. He schemed to take the kingdom away from his anointed father. God’s Word leaves us with a mental picture of him hanging from a tree by his long, thick hair. I guess he should have thought it through.

2 Samuel 18:9

And Absalom happened to meet the servants of David. Absalom was riding on his mule, and the mule went under the thick branches of a great oak, and his head caught fast in the oak, and he was suspended between heaven and earth, while the mule that was under him went on.

I will leave out the rest of the gory details. We should never be left hanging like that or messing with things we don’t fully understand because it can blow up in our faces.

Give it some thought.


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